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Interviewing and Getting to the Truth

Deception costs businesses over $994 Billion per year, approximately 7% of annual revenue. In the presence of deception, transaction costs are substantially increased for human resources, research and development, due diligence, and management.

Deception detection is a 21st-century skill that can dramatically improve one’s professional and personal effectiveness. In this course on using interview skills to spot lies and get to the truth, participants learn to identify motivations for deception as they discover methods to spot deception and elicit the truth by carefully analyzing narrative statements. They also learn to  profile their interview partner and use a simple but powerful framework for connecting deeply and coaxing the truth from any subject.

Interviewing and Getting to the Truth introduces a four-step framework for eliciting information from the most challenging subjects and outlines eight expert questions that can be successfully applied to reach the truth in any interview, negotiation, or conversation.

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THE CLASS: The second course in the two-part series on Deception Detection, Interviewing and Getting to the Truth, this video-driven class is the most advanced course of its kind that offers a systematic framework for getting to the truth. This course includes 22 engaging videos, case studies, and a detailed workbook. 

THE FORMAT: Self-paced, pre-recorded.

THE PROCESS: It’s simple to enroll. You’ll automatically be sent to the course.

Once you sign up, you will have access to:

  • Six course modules, containing videos, animations, reflections, and case studies
  • Exclusive framework and systematic approach for getting to the truth that’s easy to learn and evidence-based.
  • As one student put it, “A-plus!!...especially on entertainment value! Pamela Meyer’s PREP method of getting to the truth is a tool I now use all day long. You never know when you’re going to be on the wrong end of a lie, and I’m so grateful to know that I am prepared for those moments when they inevitably come.”

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to: 

  • Respond appropriately after noting verbal and nonverbal indicators of deceit
  • Elicit the truth from any subject using a simple 4 step framework
  • Recognize deceitful vs honest stories, based on story structure
  • Use psychological bridges to elicit information from difficult conversation partners
  • Prepare questions that promote a cooperative state of mind
  • Prepare an environment which promotes a cooperative state of mind in an interviewee
  • Identify the role of ethics in rapport building, questioning, and persuading an interviewee
  • Define rapport and describe its significance in an interview setting
  • Develop questions which can contribute to rapport between an interviewer and interviewee
  • Identify eight types of expert questions and when to use them in an interview
  • Define prefix bridge and use prefix bridges appropriately in an interview setting
  • Identify the distinguishing features of honest and deceitful stories
  • Identify the body language and behavior associated with an interviewee’s emotional state
  • Identify the type of question which can do the most harm in an interview setting
  • Define psychological bridge and use psychological bridges appropriately in an interview setting

I can’t wait to see you in class! It’s lots of fun, and our community is growing fast.

Pamela Meyer





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