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Deception Detection: Interviewing and Getting to the Truth (Non-certificate)

Binge-watch 11 modules of entertaining videos at your own pace.

Learn an advanced foolproof method to spot a liar, get to the truth and connect deeply with anyone.

Read facial micro-expressions and body language

No required quizzes or workbooks. Just sit back and watch!

Learn to master the exact same skills intelligence operatives, detectives, psychologists, FBI agents, and million-dollar sales executives use every day!

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THE CLASS: The single most advanced deception detection class ever before offered.

THE FORMAT: Self-paced, pre-recorded.

THE PROCESS: It’s simple to enroll. You’ll automatically be sent to the course.

Once you sign up, you will have access to:

  • Eleven course modules, each containing videos, animations, and celebrity case studies
  • Exclusive framework and systematic approach to spotting lies and getting to the truth that’s easy to learn and evidence-based.
  • Optional class workbook: As one student put it, “ …the workbook is now my bible. I’ve taken many classes and this is the best resource full of bonus tips and techniques I have ever seen! I’m especially impressed with the scientific studies she included in the extensive resource list."


  • Spot a liar instantly—learn advanced deception detection techniques you can use at work or home
  • Read any room, connect with each participant, and influence others to tell you deep truths never before revealed
  • Bring your new advanced interviewing skills to every negotiation or conversation
  • Your relationships will shift dramatically as your sophistication in reading others skyrockets

Here are a few of the course highlights:

  • Decode hidden signals of disdain or agreement in the first three seconds of someone’s response
  • The errors and tells that liars can’t control, and the neuroscience that explains it
  • Three rules that arm you against the subtle psychology of deception
  • CIA techniques for observing human behavior in the beginning, middle, and end of a conversation
  • Advanced baselining: Spot hidden abnormalities in common expressions
  • How to transform hunches into useful evidence over a series of planned conversations
  • Listen for lies in sentence structure, word choice, and speech patterns
  • Eight universal ways that liars manipulate word choice to avoid telling the truth
  • How liars will parrot, minimize, protest, attack, or detour to protect their lie
  • How to use tone, volume, and speed of speech to expose a liar and gain influence
  • Seven major human emotions and multiple subtle expressions: how to read them on the face
  • Which two emotions are associated with lying, and which one emotion is always a red flag
  • Microexpressions: Read 5 fleeting clues that liars can’t suppress
  • Four questions that always get people talking-even passive-aggressive colleagues
  • The PREP method: A systematic interviewing framework liars can’t outsmart
  • Four ways world-class interviewers prep for an interview that will give you an extreme edge
  • Learn to project authority, confidence, and comfort with your torso, legs, and feet

I can’t wait to see you in class! It’s lots of fun, and our community is growing fast.

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