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Deception Detection

More than three-quarters of all lies go undetected. However, individuals trained in deception detection can identify a lie with up to 90% accuracy. With this advanced course on deception detection, you will join an elite group of deception detection experts and learn to spot the lies in your life today!

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THE CLASS: The first course in a two-part series on Deception Detection, Interviewing and Getting to the Truth, this four-hour class is the single most comprehensive course on deception detection, complete with detailed strategies and case studies so students can begin to identify lies right away. 

THE FORMAT: Self-paced, pre-recorded.

THE PROCESS: It’s simple to enroll. You’ll automatically be sent to the course.

Once you sign up, you will have access to:

  • Live question and answer sessions with Pamela
  • Five course modules, each containing videos, animations, reflections, and celebrity case studies
  • Exclusive framework and systematic approach to spotting lies that’s easy to learn and evidence-based.
  • Class workbook: As one student put it, "I absolutely love that I can add 'Expert in deception detection' to my resume. I've taken several similar courses and none of them go this deep or provide so many tricks for getting to the truth. What impressed me was that the material is fun...but then you realize you are learning a system for reading people no one else has."


  • Recognize deception with colleagues, family, and friends; get to the truth while maintaining positive relationships
  • Spot simple and complex emotional states by reading facial microexpressions, body language and statement structure
  • Read people with sophistication and learn to decipher their true motivations

Here are a few of the course highlights:

  • Identify the seven major human emotions and learn to read them on a face
  • Discover who lies, how often, and how they do it 
  • Learn the errors and tells that liars can’t hide, and the neuroscience that explains it
  • Uncover the three rules that arm you against the psychology of deception
  • Unpack the hunger and biases that make you vulnerable to deception
  • Master CIA techniques for observing human behavior
  • Baselining basics: Define “normal” so you can spot abnormalities in someone’s behavior
  • Discover why one indicator isn’t proof of deception and learn to look for clusters
  • Elevate your natural liespotting instincts by turning hunches into evidence
  • Listen for lies in sentence structure, word choice, and speech patterns
  • Uncover the eight universal ways that liars manipulate word choice to avoid telling the truth
  • Learn how liars will parrot, minimize, protest, attack, or detour to protect their lie
  • Understand how tone, volume, and rate of speech can expose a liar
  • Practice identifying verbal indicators of deceit using real videos of convicted liars
  • Uncover which two emotions are associated with lying, and which one emotion is always a red flag
  • Read microexpressions- the fleeting clues that liars can’t suppress

I can’t wait to see you in class! It’s lots of fun, and our community is growing fast.

Pamela Meyer



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